Gratitude Yoga brings you Yoga with Josie.

All classes are 45 to 60 minutes in duration, available for all levels. They are live streamed online classes.

Classes are available from Monday 4th May 2020.

Before the class you will need to: ü Download Zoom App
ü Get your props ready
ü Blocks/ Books

ü Strap/ Belt
ü Pillows and a blanket ü Yoga mat/ Mat

Gentle Slow Burn Yoga: A balanced practice blending stretch and strength flowing with the breath through movement leading to a relaxing savasana.
Back 2 Basics: A short sweet and simple flow, which leaves you ready for whatever may come onto your path.

Vinyasa Flow Salutations: A flowing class with warrior postures, balancing, seated folds and twists.
Hatha Nitty-Gritty:

Heart of a Mountain Hatha Yoga:


9am – Heart of a Mountain Hatha Yoga Monday AM 5.30pm – Burst of Gratitude Hatha Yoga Monday PM Tuesday
10am – Hatha Nitty-Gritty Tuesday AM. The Hips Don’t Lie! Wednesday

9am – Vinyasa Flowing Salutations Wednesday AM
2.40pm – Back 2 Basics Hatha Yoga Wednesday Afternoon 5.30pm – Gentle Slow Burn Hatha Yoga Wednesday PMThursday
10am – Back 2 Basics Hatha Yoga Thursday AM
5.30pm – Hatha Nitty-Gritty Thursday PM Bend me Shape me! Friday
9am – Hatha Nitty-Gritty Friday AM.

Email or PM me your interest and I’ll send you the link for the appropriate class.

For further information please contact Josie at

Mobile : 06 36 77 62 85


This class focuses on developing the foundations of a safe hatha yoga

practice. Take time with each pose allowing the rhythm of your breath to soften you deeper in


each pose.

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A flowing hatha practice built on the foundation of


tadasana: standing on your own two feet. Discovering deep roots, stability, patience and the


natural peace of a mountain.


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Start: May 13, 2020 @ 8:30 pm
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Duration: 40 minutes
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