Venturing into the Vendee!

Venturing into the Vendee I was met with Route Barrée and a deviation! For those of you who know France well it’s like hearing those dreaded words replacement bus service!  

A beautiful morning for today’s walk albeit it took me a little longer to reach Fossais-Payré to start my walk, Foussais is a beautiful little cité of character. Today’s walk started from the church, and I made my way out of the village to rolling countryside. 

A beautiful morning for todays walk albeit it took me a little longer to reach Foussais-Payré to start my walk.

I met another pilgrim lady walking a different route to me, we stopped and chatted whilst looking at our hiking apps on our phones! I forgot to take a picture! We both wished each other bon continuation and promenade. I then came across another lady gathering firewood as I entered the path taking me through the forest and down to Mervent. Again, forgot to take a picture! 

Undulating and challenging in more ways than one! This walk took me through woods, forests, farmland, and the road too.  After breakfast part 2 in Mervent Forest I was somewhat confused which trail I should take but managed eventually to find the path. Again, my pace was good as I made plenty of stops enjoying the vistas around and taking photographs 40 plus!  

Towards the end of the walk nearing Foussais I wondered if I would walk pass Corin’s house. I did and popped in for a lovely cuppa, most welcomed indeed. It was lovely catching up with this fabulous lady. Refreshed, I meandered my way back to Fossais and sat in the shade besides the church where I had started. My feet were beginning to throb! 

I enjoyed most of the walk, however the latter stages were mostly on the road, which would explain why my feet were beginning to throb at the end. Taking my time and enjoying the company of others en route and of course not forgetting Corin for providing a much-needed cuppa and catch up, thank you sweetie. 

Home, feet soaked and massaged, legs up the wall for 20 minutes and some well earned late lunch.

I am walking the Camino route to honour the memories of my late father Robert Millar and our nephew Luke, you can donate in memory of Luke using the dedicated Camino memory page, don’t forget to giftaid if you can.


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