Day 2 Roncesvalles to Zubiri

 I knew the descent into Zubiri would be challenging but, I had no idea how much! I’m not great at walking down steep slopes never have been, my legs are like the characters in the Wooden Tops and I have to take it very slow. I’m so grateful it was dry and for my walking poles to help me along. 

From Roncesvalles the path was shrouded by trees, flat and a lovely walking surface. The little towns and villages along the way were charming, a joy to walk through. Especially Burguete where I had a good stop at a little cafe. 

After Burguete there was a steady rise up from Espinal! Now I thought, this was supposed to be flatter and less challenging. Little did I know what lay ahead. 

It felt like I was walking in the clouds. The forests were a delight to walk through, reminiscent of Vouvant and Mervent forest back home. 

Then came the descent! For the love of god the rocks were shear, very jaggy smooth and certainly ankle breaking stuff!

Zubiri didn’t disappoint and when I arrived I joined fellow pilgrims standing in the river, blissful for my feet. The albergue was lovely and clean where we ate the best pilgrims supper on the Camino. Before supper I attended a very sweet pilgrims service, where we were blessed with prayers and shared our stories. 

It’s such a lovely community walking the Camino bumping into fellow pilgrims, sharing stories and experiences. I certainly don’t feel alone.

So looking forward to tomorrow’s walk, no bloody mountains! LOL 😂 

Buen Camino



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