Self Praise is no recommendation so the following are a few examples of the feedback I have been given by satisfied Yogini’s in the past.

Beyond Expectations

I attended the 4 day yoga retreat at la Menantelierre in October of 2016. I was there celebrating my 30th birthday, and I cannot say enough great things about the wonderful weekend that I had there with Josie. With my stressful work schedule, it was the perfect weekend to unwind and relax; and in addition, the food was amazing. We had daily walks in the countryside, and multiple yoga and meditation sessions everyday. It was exactly what I had hoped for and more. I would highly recommend attending a yoga retreat at Menantelierre if you’re looking to relax and improve your yoga practice. Josie is a lovely yoga instructor who studied in India for her teacher training. She has a wonderful hands-on approach that helped me to achieve greater results in my own yoga practice.

Rachel Le Vely
(Chicago, U.S.A.)

Joyful Josie

I had been looking for a yoga teacher for some time, and Josie was recommended to me by a friend who said ‘ you’ll really get on well with Josie and she’s just finished her new yoga studio, ready to start giving lessons’. 

I started sessions with Josie almost a year ago, and can honestly say that I have found the perfect yoga instructor, for me.  She is mindful of each of our needs, wants and capabilities; she gently and seamlessly helps/corrects, when that is needed – and, as a result, we have each really ‘blossomed’ and progressed,  achieving our own level of skill, and surprising me, sometimes, at what I have managed to achieve, through Josie’s teaching/demonstrating and encouragement. Through this, I have stretched myself (in several meanings of the word!), and am motivated to continue my yoga development – really looking forward each time to my two sessions per week. Wish it were more!!

I must add that we are treated to tea at the end of our sessions (well, Josie calls it tea, but we have sampled many of Neal’s Yard herbal and other ‘teas’) and always leave refreshed, relaxed and energised (at the same time!). Looking forward to many, many more yoga sessions in the future. Thank you, Josie.  Helena
September 2018

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