Day36 O Pedrouzo to Santiago 18.7Km

Day 36 and I’m on my way to my final destination from O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela.

The proclaimers banging out the famous “I will walk 500 miles” and I’m on my way, it lifted my spirits as I danced and splashed my way along the path.

I must have looked a bugger from the back, dancing 💃 and swinging my poles singing at the top of my voice. 

Mixed bag of emotions today as I can’t quite believe this day has arrived! Guess what? It rained 🌧️ 🤣 Lovely walking whilst negotiating some of the biggest puddles thus far on the Camino! 😱🤣

Now let’s talk about the big breakfasts! First breakfast gets me going and was simple, however the second breakfast today was a different matter. At 12K to go I stopped and had breakfast part 2! A very good coffee ☕️ with the largest and tastiest slice of carrot cake 🍰 which kept me full until my first beer 🍻 

Forests of eucalyptus trees scented my path for most of the way. What’s that noise? It took me a while to realise I was walking beside the airport, you could hear the planes but couldn’t see anything because of the canopy of trees and the forest.

My feet 🦶 are feeling good and now I can afford myself a pat on the back. No blisters, whoop 🙌 whoop 🙌 

The wonder of Santiago and the cathedral are well hidden whilst walking on the busy road into Santiago. How blessed am I to have had the time to walk the last 36 days to Santiago. It feels like a lifetime away when I put my first step on the Camino in SJPDP!

I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement, support and generosity. You have all certainly given me the strength to keep going, even on the bloody awful days!

OMG! When I saw Santiago in the distance I swear I could have run down that hill! 🤣 standing in front of the famous flower 🌸sign was very special and I think my smile said it all. Cars passed tooting their horns and waving as I began my last 2 to 3Km.

The famous shells and yellow arrows continue to guide me down the path. When I started to walk through the old town I felt really proud and happy, I have to say the tears began to fall. 

Walking towards and through the archway the cathedral plaza opens up framed by  lovely buildings. I stood for a moment holding my breath in awe and wonder at how beautiful the cathedral was. Absolutely majestic.

I am finally here, filled with gratitude, wonder and love. Lots of hugs, congratulations and tears flowed as I hugged pilgrims I met along the way.

Bless Dom, who was there to meet me. We walked to a bar I passed and had a big beer to celebrate then off to the pilgrims office where I collected my Compostela with a heart bursting with joy, love and pride. 

For the last time from The Camino Frances 2023 Buen Camino 😘



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