Day24 Hospital de Órbigo to Astorga 18.3Km.

Day 24 on the Camino. Hospital de Órbigo to Astorga 18.3K. A lovely, lovely short walking day.

Dry and dark start to the day, phew! No breakfast at the Hostal so a cup of mint tea and I’m off. Later than usual as today is a relatively short walk. I can’t believe how dark it still is at 8am! 

The first village there was nothing open. Maybe I should have ordered breakfast at the hostel. However the Camino provides and in the second little village I passed through there was a donativo albergue open for breakfast. It was like stepping back in time. I was greeted by a bellowing hola from the kitchen as I put my bag down. An elderly hospitalaro walked in and after introductions I ordered breakfast. Toasted bread, marmalade and café americano. Definitely the auld days as my coffee came in this huge bowl and toasted bread just kept coming! 

Enter two more pilgrims, a lovely man from the Netherlands and Aimé from Colorado. They both ordered cafe con lèche, which came with a biscuit and small croissant. I shared my toast with Aimé no waste, which I like.

It started raining and I donned my new wet weather gear and off I went with the lovely Aimé. We walked all the way into Astorga chatting about this and that. Surprisingly the kilometres just melted away and before we knew it we were in Astorga! 

Astorga is beautiful. At the hotel check in was Maria, Hoshang, Arlene and a lovely Chinese couple. We’re all stalking each other as we’ve been staying in the same places for the past few days! Spooky 👻 

Following lunch a little walk round Astorga not too much as I’ve got a big walk tomorrow to Foncébadon! 

It’ll be an early night for me! TTFN 😘 

Buen Camino 😘 



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