Day16 Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino 31.56Km

It started out grey and drizzly so I had to wear my poncho! I thought I looked a bugger with my head torch on! You should see me in my poncho I look like an alternate superhero 🦸‍♀️  Lost my mojo at 28K only lasted for about a kilometre. Watch stats says it all! Today’s route was only supposed to be 28k! 

I could be anywhere my lovelies! Scotland, Lake District, Peak District, Cornwall. The landscape has certainly changed. It’s bleak but beautiful.
I feel like I’m the heroine in either a Emily Bronte or Jane Austen novel striding through the windswept countryside! 

Back to reality! A bit of a mountain 12% going up 18% going down! Traversing through dusty bluebells as I descended 🤣 I’m now looking at the very long and straight path ahead. But what is this I see? A fork in the path will it be left? Will it be right? It was the left hand of the fork where the yellow arrow guided me.

Finally bought stamps from a little auld Spanish señora in à tabac shop in Castrojeriz, hooray, hooray 😃 now all I have to do is find a post box. 

Meeting beautiful people at Monesterio de San Antón was very humbling. Totally beautiful hospitalaro’s. The old monastery is a Donativo, an albergue where you can sleep and eat for a donation. Truly the spirit of the Camino. 

My little medical kit I’m carrying helped a fellow pilgrim when he was stung by a wasp 🐝 Bless him what do you expect if you wear brightly coloured clothes. When I walked up to him he had already thrown his packs off and stripped himself of said colourful hoodie. On the back of his neck was the Kilimanjaro of wasp stings! It just so happens I have the appropriate cream, which I applied, instant relief 😅 he was most grateful.

Blisters were next for Sister Josephine, I just happen to have in my little bag of treatment all the stuff you need for blisters. God love Sam the immediate relief was instant.

Two tiny villages we passed through with the most beautiful and huge churches. It’s like when I walk into the churches I’m thinking more gold enough already! Bad I know! 🤣

Tonight’s Pilgrims dinner 🥘 was really good fun, lots of Camino banter and cheer. It wasn’t long before I was in bed!

So, shower, yoga, glass of wine or two, eat sleep and I’m ready to repeat tomorrow morning. TTFN my lovelies 😘

Buen Camino 😘 



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