Day 8 L’os Arcos to Logroño 28.6 kilometres

There was a sweet smell of fennel drifting through the air as I walked out of L’os Arcos. It was dark and an early start. The sunrise was amazing, I’ll never tire of them they are spectacular.

It has been a long, hard and challenging, hot, rip your feet, hips, knees and ankle kind of day on the Camino. Hardly any shade made it difficult too! Christ it has been a long day! Currently I’m sitting typing and drinking a very fine glass of Rioja. Logroño just happens to be the capital of the Rioja region. Who’d have thought the Camino would be so generous. 🤣

All I wanted was to have a long soak in a hot bubble bath. I checked into my hotel, which was rather chi chi darlings. I looked like a right down and out! 🤣 please let there be a bath, please. They say the Camino provides what you need and there was a bath, which I must have soaked in for 40 minutes, came out like a prune but feeling fabulous. 

Keeping me company and giving me direction along the way are the shells and yellow arrows. I have complete trust whilst I walk the Camino that I’ll get to my next town!

Didn’t really fancy walking around Logroño as my feet were bloody killing me! So I rested up instead and tucked myself into bed really early for tomorrow’s walk! I’ll just have to come back to Logroño as a tourist to appreciate the beauty it has to offer.

Buen Camino 😘 



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