Day 7 Estella to Los Arcos 23.26Km

A 7 o’clock start this morning it was dark and a wee bit chilly. You can certainly feel autumn here especially in the mornings. 

My hotel was on the Camino route so no getting lost this morning! Turn left and I was on my way. God! I look a bugger wearing my head torch. It’s a good job it’s dark so no one can see me! LOL 😂 

The walk from Estella to Los Arcos was really good, I could see the path winding in front of me. It was a great walking surface with no bloody mountains to cross! A little undulation here and there, but nothing I couldn’t cope with. There were certain parts I was thinking did they film parts of The Way here. I absolutely smashed the walk today! 

Before I realised it I was walking into Los Arcos really early and began to wish I’d booked accommodation further on the path.

So, never judge a town by its first cover! Initially I thought what have I done booking here? Then Los Arcos revealed all her jewels. My god this place is so pretty and everywhere, I mean everywhere is stunning. Especially the red chilli peppers drying from balconies, very beautiful.

The square was bustling, which surprised me then I remembered it was a Saturday. I met up with fellow pilgrims I’ve met on the way, had a couple of glasses of wine then made my way to where I was staying for the night. The Casa de La Abuela was delightful, I decided to have dinner there, which turned out to be the most fun and laughs I’ve had in ages. You’ve just got to love the French! 

Early to bed as I have a 28 kilometre walk to Logroño tomorrow. I was still chuckling about the Latino French man from the Mediterranean. I made sure I double locked my door! LOL 😂 

Buen Camino 😘 



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