Day 6 – Rest Day Estella

Estella has a lot to offer with its charming and colourful narrow winding streets, archways everywhere and what seemed like a church on every corner!

What does a pilgrim do on a rest day? 

She visits two churches, both you have to climb quite a few steps! Gets blessed by a retired Philippino priest who lives 8 months of the year in Canada and the rest of time volunteers all over the world. 

She visits two museums, stops and reads about historical houses in Estella. They were absolutely stunning, it’s a shame that most of them have been left to go to ruin!

Lunch was very simple as was supper a pilgrims supper. In the evening I popped in to the 7 o’clock mass, where I was blessed for the 2nd time in the day. I didn’t feel or see any thunder bolt lightning! LOL 😂 

Had a cheeky glass of white en route back to the hotel. Then off to bed early for a 6 o’clock start the next day. 

All in all it was a lovely rest day and my feet felt fabulous wearing flip flops all day.

I’d certainly recommend a visit to Estella it’s very charming.

Buen Camino 😘 



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