Day 5 Puente la Reina to Estella 21.9 Kilometres

Miss technical difficulties today as I kept forgetting to resume map my walk! So, at the end of this stage map my walk does not correlate to the distance I walked! 

There was little shade today as we walked through gently rolling farmland and vineyards. Starting this stage walking over the Queens Bridge was magical and as I said goodbye to Puente La Reina I had no idea what was going to greet me in Estella. 

Arches and Alleyways – apologies to Tony Christie

The sunrise this morning was beautiful glowing onto the mountains in front of us, it was truly beautiful walking towards this golden hue. The landscape has really changed from lush greens to arid and dry plains. Our path underfoot was hard going at times, there were a couple of ascents which were challenging! And here’s me thinking we were in for a flatter walk! LOL

I walked with Roz today and we both celebrated the 100 kilometre mark on the Camino. Whoop 🙌 whoop 🙌 I’m an 1/8th of the way there. Our stops today were delightfully filled with warm hugs, big smiles and generosity from our fellow pilgrims. 

A welcome cold beer with limon was very welcome as we arrived and my feet were singing as I took off my shoes and socks. Estella is packed full of Romanesque architecture and narrow streets. Im like a small child in a sweet shop I don’t know where to look, there is so much to see.

En arrival at Hostel Buen Camino my hosts were very welcoming and kind. My backpack was still sitting in Puente La Reina! All I had was what I was wearing and bless this lovely lady she washed and dried my clothes in under and hour so I had clean clothes to wear in the evening. It was my mistake my bag was left. As I type it is en route here and should be with me God willing by 09.30!  (editors note – the bag arrived safely!)

The evenings are starting to get chillier. We sat outside eating ramen for dinner washed down with a glass or two of wine. Roz and I said our goodbyes as she leaves tomorrow making her way back home. I have a rest day tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to, hopefully I’ll find the municipal swimming pool have a dip, sauna and jacuzzi! 

Buen Camino 😘 



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