Day 35 Arzúa to O Pedrouzo 19.98Km

My penultimate walk before Santiago tomorrow!

A big bowl of Galician soup, dancing and singing in the rain with Mary as she walked along the stone walls like she was Olga Korbut on the beam! 

That woman has equal measures of fearlessness and joyfulness. All because she was dodging the puddles on the path. Yes, it’s lovely rainy weather again! 

We’ve had four seasons in one walk. I’m still smiling thanks to Mary and Mary, great company and lots of laughs along the way.

Walking with them was a joy. We saw our shadows for the first time in ages as the sun briefly made an appearance

We had the best ever bowl of Galician soup with really good bread for lunch. Hearty and warming just what we needed for our final push into O Pedrouzo. 

The generosity of other pilgrims has never ceased to amaze me. I met a really kind and lovely Canadian, who gave me his spare credential because I had no more room in my third one! After much negotiation I brought him his breakfast en route to Santiago by way of thanks.

Woodland walking with the scent of eucalyptus was really pleasing, even though we were walking through quagmires! The wind howling through the trees bending the tree tops was both lovely and a wee bit terrifying as they gave way to the wind and bent to and fro! 

We found a yellow poncho lying on the ground! We started singing Let’s go fly a poncho instead of kite. I do hope the poncho was reunited with its owner.

For me it was seeing our Shadows and being warmed by the sun ☀️ that was a big boost. Also our path was scattered with lots of mushrooms 🍄 not too sure whether they were good or evil toadstools! Very pretty to look at, I photographed a few!

Rained all the way into O Pedrouzo my Pension for the night is really great, I have been really fortunate that all my accommodations have just been spot on.

Shower, hydrate, stretch, supper then bed. I can’t quite believe tomorrow I’ll be walking into Santiago!

Buen Camino 




You can Donate Here!! – One more donation today from the lovely strictly Ali Scott, perilously close to having raised £2000 wow wow wow!! Please share my adventures on your social media with the hashtags above, I’m trying to raise as much as possible for a good cause.

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