Day 34 Palas de Rei to Arzúa 31.7K

Great walking day through shaded forests of oak and chestnut, which gave way to eucalyptus and pine before we ascended into Arzua. The eucalyptus woods, beautiful and the scent was amazing.

We stopped for lunch at the town of Melide, famed for its octopus dish ‘pulpo Galega’. I had lunch with Danny, Flor and Jerry, delicious! Unusual for me to have wine 🍷 at lunch! We had a couple of glasses of Rioja! 

As it was a long day and raining I didn’t go to explore the Church of San Pedro with murals dating back to the 15th century in Melide. For the past few days I’ve not deviated much from the path! 

We passed through lots of lovely little villages and I have to stop and take a picture every time I see a grain store. They are called an hórreo a traditional structure used to store grain mainly found in Galicia. They are built from wood or stone, raised from the ground by pillars. The modern day hórreos are built from red terracotta bricks, they don’t look as nice as the older ones!

Well that’s me all sorted and dry, I’m off to find something to eat.

Thank you so much for all your very kind and generous donations. They keep me walking my lovelies, even through the driving rain! 

Buen Camino 😘 



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