Day 33! Portomarín to Pas de Rei 26.96K.

I had a great start to my day with tostada, tomatoes, olive oil and salt washed down with coffee ☕️ just what I needed! 

Now I had a choice as I left Portomarín either the road way to the left or climb up a peaceful woodland path on the complementario route. I chose the woodland path, which was blissful even if it was a bit of a climb. No rain, which made for good walking for about an hour and a half.

I was happy but could see the weather closing in. That’s when I donned all my weather gear and hunkered down as I walked. When it rains I have to take my glasses off because I end up with what can only be described as Vaseline smeared on my glasses 🤓 This is what it must be like if you have cataracts 😂

Shite, shite and shite walking in torrential rain, howling winds, hale, which hurt my face! The path was a river!

No detours taken today to visit churches or places of interest, I just wanted to get to Palas de Rei! 

This was the most challenging day of the Camino thus far. It nearly broke me! 🤦‍♀️ The highlight of my day was getting a big hug from Tess and Banai 🥰 and the steaming bow of Galician soup too. I know it’s only weather, today was very hard. I could have cried!

This is bonkers Galician weather! I’m checked in to my pension and looking at bloody blue sky with a few fluffy clouds from the room. As I’m writing this blog it’s now blowing a gale outside! I’ve got to go out in this to get something to eat! 😬

One bright spot on a damp day, I fell into conversation with a fellow pilgrim, JT from Texas and after hearing of my reasons for walking the Camino he made a very generous donation, bless you JT.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m sure whether the weather is kind or not I’ll reach Arzúa maybe not with a spring in my step but with a grateful heart. 

Buen Camino 😘 



You can Donate Here!! – Donations today from Sarah Jane and JT from Texas have helped push the total raised to just under £1860. Please share my adventures on your social media with the hashtags above, I’m trying to raise as much as possible for a good cause.

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