Day 32 Sarria to to PortomarĂ­n 25.85K!

Pinch 🤏 and a punch 🤛 it’s the  1st of the month! Sarria to PortomarĂ­n 25.85K! Weather forecast was grim! Actually great walking weather. We had a few small showers of rain, however the wind certainly blew as we entered PortomarĂ­n! 

I passed the 100K marker! OMG 😱 can you believe it.

The impossible beautiful scenery speaks for itself. The majority of todays walk was on woodland paths and we passed through many small cute hamlets, which seem to blend into one another. Great view from the top of PortomarĂ­n. I rang the liberty bell before being blown over the bridge into PortomarĂ­n.

Why? I ask myself at the end of a days walking you end up hobbling over cobblestones traversing your way up hill to reach your bed for the night. It’s a Camino joke! 

I stumbled across a great little lunch stop, where I had a goats cheese and apple salad 🥗 no chips! For dessert a slice of homemade cheesecake. All washed down with a cerveza con limon. Very generous portions so I shared my lunch with Mary, who was walking with Peter from Sweden. 

Disappointing dinner! Didn’t have any because the restaurants didn’t start service until 7.30pm too late for me. Back at my room I had some fruit and nuts. Planning on big breakfast in the morning.

Rain is falling wind is howling god help us tomorrow as the weather forecast is not good! 😬

As I reflect on how far I’ve come along this journey I can’t quite believe I’ve walked so far. I’m bloody amazed at my determination and stamina. All of your kind words and endless support and encouragement does make a difference to me especially towards the end of the day’s walk. Thank you 🙏 

Buen Camino 😘 



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