Day 30 a day of rest in Triacastela

Long lie in just wonderful, breakfast at 08.30 fabulous. Lots of coffee ☕️ this morning sat in front of the fire 🔥Feet and legs are feeling good too.

Yesterday was the last day I walked with Aimée from Colorado. For me a well earned rest day in Triacastela. We’re planning on meeting up in Santiago on Sunday evening. There are people who come into your life as lessons and there are those who come into your life as a blessing. Aimée is a beautiful blessing, I’ll treasure the time we walked and shared food together, washed down with the obligatory cerveza con limon and a glass or two of red wine 🍷 🤣

Theres not much to do here in Triacastela, which is surprising because of the significance this town once had as an important stop for medieval pilgrims. The three castles in Triacastela are no longer standing. However a plethora of bars, restaurants, albergue’s and hostels cater for the post modern pilgrims. 

I might catch up with a bit of strictly as I’ve not seen or heard anything about the current series! 💃🕺🪩🥂Before that I’m going to don my shoes and coats and go explore before the weather closes in! TTFN 

That’s me walked around and explored Triacastela, had a coffee with the locals in a wee bar just down the road from Casa Simon. Now feet up, and a bit of strictly for an hour! 

Tonight I’m going to eat in the only restaurant open now in Triacastela! I’ll be early to bed, no surprise there then off to Sarria in the morning. 

Buen Camino 😘 



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