Day 12 Belorado to San Juan de Ortega 24K! More like 26K!

It was an early start this morning. I had breakfast at the hotel, didn’t finish it and took the rest for my lunch. My bag is beginning to resemble a supermarket inside with all the other I food I bought. 🤣

It took me little while to actually leave Belorado because I kept stopping to take pictures. No surprise there! It was another gorgeous sunrise, the golden light behind me making my shadow really long. The light reflected on the landscape and mountains was golden, which made it a delight to walk.

Today is Dia de La Fiesta Nacional, big bank holiday the world and its mother were out, which was lovely to see and hear families having a good time. My first stop of the day was very welcomed another coffee to keep me perky plus the compulsory pee pit stop! 

An albergue was closed for the national holiday and this made the bed race more crucial to get there early to book your bed. As I was in a twin room I did offer the spare bed if anyone needed it. The camaraderie between pilgrims is quite staggering. 

We had a bit of a climb today! 1197 meters above sea level, believe it or believe not I was still smiling 😊 how far I’ve come from the Pyrenees! 🤣

Wonderful walking through woods and shade. At one point I thought I could be walking through Cannock Chase! 

San Juan de Ortega hamlet is very small,  the monastery was built around 1142 as a help point to the pilgrims who walked to Santiago de Compostela along the way of Saint James.

Lovely little place, 2 bars where I had a few beers with fellow Dutch pilgrims, most enjoyable.

Feet feeling good however achilles are feeling tight, over use! I found the last couple of kilometres a slog! Had them up the wall for half an hour.

Thank you so much for all you generous, lovely, kind words and support. I am so blessed and you all keep me putting one foot in front of the other on my Camino path.

Buen Camino 😘 



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