Day 10 Nájera to Santo Domingo de La Calzada 22.1 kilometres 

Early bird start this morning 06.45hrs! I had washing to do when I arrived at Santo Domingo de la Calzada and didn’t want to waste much time faffing about this morning! 🤣

You’ll all be pleased to know I now have clean clothes wear. Averting any international incidents on the Camino. Phew 😂

What a lovely, pleasant and most enjoyable walk today. I walked with a fellow pilgrim for most of the way called Andrew from Berkshire. He must have one of the happiest jobs working for Lego. 

As we chatted the kilometres just seem to disappear and we were at our first stop for the day. A very charming little town called Azofra, where there were other pilgrims from the past week. It really is a family, a community of kindness and love. Everyone is pleased to see everyone to catch up.

Most importantly coffee and croissants on board we were on our way rambling through a changing landscape from vines to an agricultural landscape. Lots of tractors today, very exciting as I took plenty of pictures for Finlay James.

Before I knew it we had arrived at Santo Domingo de La Calzada, I was with a couple of lovely ladies Mary and Jennifer. The Hotel Atuvera is so lovely fabulous shower, which I could have stayed in for an hour to really get rid of all the dust from the day! 

Santo Domingo de La Calzada Is rich, rich and even more richer in history it’s a shame we’re just walking through. Another town to revisit in the future. 

I’ve got my washing done, food in my belly and I’ve written todays blog, now I’m going off to explore and have a well deserved glass of wine 🍷 cheers my lovelies.

Buen Camino 😘 



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