Day36 O Pedrouzo to Santiago 18.7Km

Day 36 and I’m on my way to my final destination from O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela.

The proclaimers banging out the famous “I will walk 500 miles” and I’m on my way, it lifted my spirits as I danced and splashed my way along the path.

I must have looked a bugger from the back, dancing 💃 and swinging my poles singing at the top of my voice. 

Mixed bag of emotions today as I can’t quite believe this day has arrived! Guess what? It rained 🌧️ 🤣 Lovely walking whilst negotiating some of the biggest puddles thus far on the Camino! 😱🤣

Now let’s talk about the big breakfasts! First breakfast gets me going and was simple, however the second breakfast today was a different matter. At 12K to go I stopped and had breakfast part 2! A very good coffee ☕️ with the largest and tastiest slice of carrot cake 🍰 which kept me full until my first beer 🍻 

Forests of eucalyptus trees scented my path for most of the way. What’s that noise? It took me a while to realise I was walking beside the airport, you could hear the planes but couldn’t see anything because of the canopy of trees and the forest.

My feet 🦶 are feeling good and now I can afford myself a pat on the back. No blisters, whoop 🙌 whoop 🙌 

The wonder of Santiago and the cathedral are well hidden whilst walking on the busy road into Santiago. How blessed am I to have had the time to walk the last 36 days to Santiago. It feels like a lifetime away when I put my first step on the Camino in SJPDP!

I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement, support and generosity. You have all certainly given me the strength to keep going, even on the bloody awful days!

OMG! When I saw Santiago in the distance I swear I could have run down that hill! 🤣 standing in front of the famous flower 🌸sign was very special and I think my smile said it all. Cars passed tooting their horns and waving as I began my last 2 to 3Km.

The famous shells and yellow arrows continue to guide me down the path. When I started to walk through the old town I felt really proud and happy, I have to say the tears began to fall. 

Walking towards and through the archway the cathedral plaza opens up framed by  lovely buildings. I stood for a moment holding my breath in awe and wonder at how beautiful the cathedral was. Absolutely majestic.

I am finally here, filled with gratitude, wonder and love. Lots of hugs, congratulations and tears flowed as I hugged pilgrims I met along the way.

Bless Dom, who was there to meet me. We walked to a bar I passed and had a big beer to celebrate then off to the pilgrims office where I collected my Compostela with a heart bursting with joy, love and pride. 

For the last time from The Camino Frances 2023 Buen Camino 😘



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Day 35 Arzúa to O Pedrouzo 19.98Km

My penultimate walk before Santiago tomorrow!

A big bowl of Galician soup, dancing and singing in the rain with Mary as she walked along the stone walls like she was Olga Korbut on the beam! 

That woman has equal measures of fearlessness and joyfulness. All because she was dodging the puddles on the path. Yes, it’s lovely rainy weather again! 

We’ve had four seasons in one walk. I’m still smiling thanks to Mary and Mary, great company and lots of laughs along the way.

Walking with them was a joy. We saw our shadows for the first time in ages as the sun briefly made an appearance

We had the best ever bowl of Galician soup with really good bread for lunch. Hearty and warming just what we needed for our final push into O Pedrouzo. 

The generosity of other pilgrims has never ceased to amaze me. I met a really kind and lovely Canadian, who gave me his spare credential because I had no more room in my third one! After much negotiation I brought him his breakfast en route to Santiago by way of thanks.

Woodland walking with the scent of eucalyptus was really pleasing, even though we were walking through quagmires! The wind howling through the trees bending the tree tops was both lovely and a wee bit terrifying as they gave way to the wind and bent to and fro! 

We found a yellow poncho lying on the ground! We started singing Let’s go fly a poncho instead of kite. I do hope the poncho was reunited with its owner.

For me it was seeing our Shadows and being warmed by the sun ☀️ that was a big boost. Also our path was scattered with lots of mushrooms 🍄 not too sure whether they were good or evil toadstools! Very pretty to look at, I photographed a few!

Rained all the way into O Pedrouzo my Pension for the night is really great, I have been really fortunate that all my accommodations have just been spot on.

Shower, hydrate, stretch, supper then bed. I can’t quite believe tomorrow I’ll be walking into Santiago!

Buen Camino 




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Day 34 Palas de Rei to Arzúa 31.7K

Great walking day through shaded forests of oak and chestnut, which gave way to eucalyptus and pine before we ascended into Arzua. The eucalyptus woods, beautiful and the scent was amazing.

We stopped for lunch at the town of Melide, famed for its octopus dish ‘pulpo Galega’. I had lunch with Danny, Flor and Jerry, delicious! Unusual for me to have wine 🍷 at lunch! We had a couple of glasses of Rioja! 

As it was a long day and raining I didn’t go to explore the Church of San Pedro with murals dating back to the 15th century in Melide. For the past few days I’ve not deviated much from the path! 

We passed through lots of lovely little villages and I have to stop and take a picture every time I see a grain store. They are called an hórreo a traditional structure used to store grain mainly found in Galicia. They are built from wood or stone, raised from the ground by pillars. The modern day hórreos are built from red terracotta bricks, they don’t look as nice as the older ones!

Well that’s me all sorted and dry, I’m off to find something to eat.

Thank you so much for all your very kind and generous donations. They keep me walking my lovelies, even through the driving rain! 

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day 33! Portomarín to Pas de Rei 26.96K.

I had a great start to my day with tostada, tomatoes, olive oil and salt washed down with coffee ☕️ just what I needed! 

Now I had a choice as I left Portomarín either the road way to the left or climb up a peaceful woodland path on the complementario route. I chose the woodland path, which was blissful even if it was a bit of a climb. No rain, which made for good walking for about an hour and a half.

I was happy but could see the weather closing in. That’s when I donned all my weather gear and hunkered down as I walked. When it rains I have to take my glasses off because I end up with what can only be described as Vaseline smeared on my glasses 🤓 This is what it must be like if you have cataracts 😂

Shite, shite and shite walking in torrential rain, howling winds, hale, which hurt my face! The path was a river!

No detours taken today to visit churches or places of interest, I just wanted to get to Palas de Rei! 

This was the most challenging day of the Camino thus far. It nearly broke me! 🤦‍♀️ The highlight of my day was getting a big hug from Tess and Banai 🥰 and the steaming bow of Galician soup too. I know it’s only weather, today was very hard. I could have cried!

This is bonkers Galician weather! I’m checked in to my pension and looking at bloody blue sky with a few fluffy clouds from the room. As I’m writing this blog it’s now blowing a gale outside! I’ve got to go out in this to get something to eat! 😬

One bright spot on a damp day, I fell into conversation with a fellow pilgrim, JT from Texas and after hearing of my reasons for walking the Camino he made a very generous donation, bless you JT.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m sure whether the weather is kind or not I’ll reach Arzúa maybe not with a spring in my step but with a grateful heart. 

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day 32 Sarria to to Portomarín 25.85K!

Pinch 🤏 and a punch 🤛 it’s the  1st of the month! Sarria to Portomarín 25.85K! Weather forecast was grim! Actually great walking weather. We had a few small showers of rain, however the wind certainly blew as we entered Portomarín! 

I passed the 100K marker! OMG 😱 can you believe it.

The impossible beautiful scenery speaks for itself. The majority of todays walk was on woodland paths and we passed through many small cute hamlets, which seem to blend into one another. Great view from the top of Portomarín. I rang the liberty bell before being blown over the bridge into Portomarín.

Why? I ask myself at the end of a days walking you end up hobbling over cobblestones traversing your way up hill to reach your bed for the night. It’s a Camino joke! 

I stumbled across a great little lunch stop, where I had a goats cheese and apple salad 🥗 no chips! For dessert a slice of homemade cheesecake. All washed down with a cerveza con limon. Very generous portions so I shared my lunch with Mary, who was walking with Peter from Sweden. 

Disappointing dinner! Didn’t have any because the restaurants didn’t start service until 7.30pm too late for me. Back at my room I had some fruit and nuts. Planning on big breakfast in the morning.

Rain is falling wind is howling god help us tomorrow as the weather forecast is not good! 😬

As I reflect on how far I’ve come along this journey I can’t quite believe I’ve walked so far. I’m bloody amazed at my determination and stamina. All of your kind words and endless support and encouragement does make a difference to me especially towards the end of the day’s walk. Thank you 🙏 

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day31 Triacastela to Sarria 18.83Km

Day 31, where has October gone!

Buen Cowmino! 🤣 spent most of the way walking through the little farming hamlets traversing cowpats! Big black and white cows 🐄 so I’m guessing these cows are for milking! 

Lovely weather with fabulous scenery. Great walking today as it was not too taxing given the fact we climbed, and we know what goes up must come down. I managed the descents slowly and in my usual fashion crabbed my way down.

Great little stop today where I caught up with fellow pilgrims, really lovely to see Maya too. This stop was in the tiniest of hamlets and if it wasn’t for the unexpected colourful signage you would have missed it!

A plethora of offerings, which included composting toilets! Loved the vibe, loved the concept, loved this little oasis on the Camino,

Sarria didn’t disappoint either. Beautiful medieval town, a melange of old and new.

Interesting intersection on the Camino, because Sarria is the last place where you can start your walk on the Camino. 

You need to have at least 2 stamps a day to qualify for a Compostela certificate. This also applies for the pilgrims who have walked from SJPDP or beyond on the Camino path.

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day 30 a day of rest in Triacastela

Long lie in just wonderful, breakfast at 08.30 fabulous. Lots of coffee ☕️ this morning sat in front of the fire 🔥Feet and legs are feeling good too.

Yesterday was the last day I walked with Aimée from Colorado. For me a well earned rest day in Triacastela. We’re planning on meeting up in Santiago on Sunday evening. There are people who come into your life as lessons and there are those who come into your life as a blessing. Aimée is a beautiful blessing, I’ll treasure the time we walked and shared food together, washed down with the obligatory cerveza con limon and a glass or two of red wine 🍷 🤣

Theres not much to do here in Triacastela, which is surprising because of the significance this town once had as an important stop for medieval pilgrims. The three castles in Triacastela are no longer standing. However a plethora of bars, restaurants, albergue’s and hostels cater for the post modern pilgrims. 

I might catch up with a bit of strictly as I’ve not seen or heard anything about the current series! 💃🕺🪩🥂Before that I’m going to don my shoes and coats and go explore before the weather closes in! TTFN 

That’s me walked around and explored Triacastela, had a coffee with the locals in a wee bar just down the road from Casa Simon. Now feet up, and a bit of strictly for an hour! 

Tonight I’m going to eat in the only restaurant open now in Triacastela! I’ll be early to bed, no surprise there then off to Sarria in the morning. 

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day29 O Cebreiro to Triacastela 22.7Km

Day 29. The clocks fell back and I had an extra hour in bed! Luxury! 

8 o’clock start this morning and it’s light, whoop 🙌 whoop 🙌. Stunning views this morning from the top of the mountain. At such heights, a wider perspective opened up. We see an infinity of landscape below, feel and hear the wind as we traversed around the side of the mountain? You couldn’t really appreciate this view last night as the weather had closed in!

A delightful forest track winds it’s way around the mountain before dropping down a little. We passed through a charming hamlet with a very pretty church, all the guide books recommend you take your time to explore these delightful churches, unfortunately majority of them are closed.

Slowly upwards we climbed to Alto de San Rogue, where a statue of a medical pilgrim watches over Galicia. Very windy on top of the mountain, that’s why he’s holding onto his hat! 

We passed through lots of little farming hamlet with livestock. The cobbled path has been worn down not only by pilgrims but by the cows who walk the path too. Highlight in every hamlet were the many tractors 🚜 on the Camino ranging from a yellow Renault to a white Lamborghini tractor. Lamborghini tractors who knew!

More stamps in our credentials as we stopped for refreshments. I’m on my 3rd credential! The weather closed in just like it does in the national parks at home and we hunkered down to walk the last 5K.

Steep descent into Triacastela, combination of rock, mud stones and slippery leaves. I’m not a big fan of walking down steep hills! I look a bugger as I very slowly crab like my way down and traverse where I can. I don’t know how fell runners do it! Any way I arrived safe and sound and was very happy to be checking into Casa Simon, where I’m staying for two nights.

Missed the only mass of the week, which was tonight at 6 o’clock. Church closed because the priest is unwell. Hey ho!

This is the last day I’ll be walking with the lovely Aimée from Colorado. I’ve planned a rest day in Triacastela tomorrow, and she will continue her path in the morning . Hopefully we’ll meet up again in Santiago on Sunday evening.

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day 28! Three amigos and Victor ride up into Galicia and a bagpipe welcome into O Cebreiro.

What weather? I am so happy and grateful I rode on horseback up through the mountains to O Cebreiro. The whole experience was wonderful and the scenery spectacular.

My horse was very patient and gentle with me. I must admit I was a wee bit apprehensive but settled into the saddle quickly as the pace was pretty slow!

All that old Alexander Technique training came in handy today. I tried not to over grip with my inner thighs, but have admit just over half way through I could start to feel my seat! 

Stunning, stunning and even more stunning scenery the higher we climbed. What an amazing experience. Thank you Victor, Hoshang and Maria.

Perched on a high ridge in Galicia, the beautiful rustic village of O Cebreiro sits welcoming pilgrims. This small hamlet is impossibly charming with its hobbit like buildings. I believe these conical shaped houses are unique to O Cebreiro

Where we’re staying La Venta Celta is rustic charm personified, with a roaring open fire welcoming us and keeping us warm and dry. Homemade Galician soup and a hearty chunk of bread for lunch. Just what I needed!

The pilgrims mass at 7 o’clock tonight was very touching and extra special. We received blessings and special prayers and little stones with the yellow arrow painted on them, showing us the way and love on the Camino. Obligatory glass of wine after mass then early to bed! 

I’ve had one of the best days on the Camino thus far. Thinking about tomorrow I start my last week on the Camino walking to Triacastela, where I’m staying for two nights, having a rest day to catch up with stuff!

Buen Camino 😘 



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Day27 Ponferrada to Villafranca del Portazgo 25.6Km

Day 27 and I’m under 200K now! Phew 😆 Bloody horrendous wet start for the first hour today. To be fair it has tried to brighten up! Intermittent heavy rain kept the waterproof gear on all day!

I walked with Aimée again today, she’s a really good Camino buddy. Funny, and on our path today the conversation flowed and we covered an eclectic mix of subjects. No surprise there then! 🤣

The scenery has changed and you can see autumn is well on its way with the rich pallet of rustic colours. The big landscapes were spectacular as we walked through the vineyards on our approach to Villafranca. 

Villafranca is a lovely town nestled in the valley everywhere you look you’re surrounded by mountains.

Where I’m staying Las Doñas del Portazgo is beautiful and decorated just perfect. Hot shower, stretched and now I’m off to find supper.  

Casa Mendez for the perfect pilgrims supper for only 13 euros, which included half bottle of red wine 🍷 not bad.

Early to bed, hope I sleep because I’m really excited about riding on horseback into Galicia with Victor, Hoshang and Maria.

All in all a much better day than yesterday! Thank you for reading my lovelies. All your love and support keeps me going! 🤣👻🎃🍷👸🍀

Buen Camino 😘 



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